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Fic: Out of the Frying Pan (4/?, NC-17)

Title: Out of the Frying Pan (4/?)
Author: Tessa (frellingblonde)
Rating: NC-17.
Characters/Pairing: Simon/Kaylee
Spoilers: Movie
Series: Previous chapters can be found at my LiveJournal under "Random Recollections."
Summary: Simon broods, Kaylee comforts him.
Disclaimer: I'm not Joss, therefore, I don't own Firefly.
Feedback: Remember, there's a special hell for people who don't comment. ;-P
Note: Another transitional chapter. A very smutty one at that. Sorry it took so long, between vacation and medical woes, real life ate my brain all month.

Cross-posted to: ff_fanfic, afterserenity, imeantosay_, and enginesex


A few hours after they left Bayou, Kaylee entered her bunk, and quickly undressed and slipped on a short, light green silk nightgown and brushed her hair. Then she lay down on the bed, on top of the covers. She was tired, but remembering the sadness in Simon's eyes, and knowing that he needed her, was enough to keep her awake.

He arrived about ten minutes after her, and his face brightened immediately when he saw her waiting for him. "Hi." He said sofly, walking over and leaning down to kiss her.

"How's the patient?" Kaylee asked.

"She's no worse, at least." Simon replied with a sigh. "The medication I've got her on now should stop the seizures, hopefully until we get to Persephone. After that, it's out of my hands."

"And that's gettin' to ya, right?" Kaylee reached up and clutched his shoulders, pulling him down onto the bed. Kneeling behind him, she started rubbing the back of his neck slowly. "You still think you caused all this, so you gotta be the one to fix it."

"You heard what he said. The Alliance is going after people that we knew, to send us the message that we can't hide. If I had never met her, none of this would have happened. She would have been a lot better off."

"Or she'd be dead. Or in jail someplace." Kaylee paused and thought for a moment. "Nah, she was a spy. She'd be dead. Meetin' you got her out of that life. She's got a home now, and those cute little kids."

"And a big, half-witted ape of a husband who's cheating on her with her own sister." Simon added.

"Well, you really can't blame that on yourself." Kaylee scoffed. "And don'tcha think 'half-witted' is awful generous?"

Simon nodded, chuckling. "A man would have to be a special kind of stupid to step out on Penelope."

Kaylee's hands drifted to his front, rubbing up and down his chest before starting to unbutton his shirt. "You know, Doc, you got another patient to attend to."

"Do I?" Simon asked. "And what seems to be the trouble, Miss Frye?" He turned serious for a brief moment. "You haven't had any more nausea, have you?"

"No, none." Kaylee replied cheerfully. She had felt a little ill right after they had returned to the ship, but it had passed quickly enough. "All I'm feeling is this real strong urge to take care of my man, help him relax a bit."

"Well, who am I to argue with that?" Simon kissed her lips softly, running his hands down to her thighs. He slipped the hem of her nightgown up a few inches, enough to see that she wore nothing underneath. "Kaylee..."

"Been waitin' for you." She whispered. "Been thinking about what you feel like in me. Got myself all worked up and ready for you." As he watched, she reached down between her thighs and ran her fingertips over her slick folds and pressed her fingers to his lips.

Moaning, Simon licked her wet fingers, tasting her juices. She was so ready for him, and he felt his cock swell painfully. He tugged the nightgown over Kaylee's head and gently but firmly lay her back on the bed, covering her body with his, pressing against her.

Kaylee had never worked so fast to undress Simon. Thinking about him, about the way they fit together so well and the fervor and passion with which he made love to her, was almost as effective at preparing her for him as actually touching and kissing him.

As soon as he was naked, Simon kissed Kaylee again, then began moving down her body. She stopped him, her hands on his shoulders. "Can't wait." She panted, parting her legs for him.

Simon complied, moving back up and stretching out on top of her, wanting to feel every inch of her body against his. He sucked in a breath when the head of his cock touched her opening. She was so wet that he slid in easily, filling her in one slow, smooth stroke. He held still just for a moment, enjoying the feel of her slick core enveloping him, then started to move, holding her tightly against him.

"Mmm." Kaylee moaned, digging her nails into his shoulders. "Feels good, Simon. Feels real good."

"You feel perfect." Simon whispered, kissing her lips, her forehead, her eyelids. The stress and pain of the last few days were already melting away as he took her, keeping his thrusts slow, but still deep and hard, taking his time to feel everything, to let her warmth surround him and seep into his skin.

They clung to each other, breathing in tandem, kissing softly, pausing a few times to just hold each other and gaze into each other's eyes, saying so much without speaking a word. As their orgasms built, their movements became harder and more intense, but still remained so slow and languid that they could feel the tension inside them growing stronger with every passing second.

Kaylee moaned, feeling Simon's cock hitting so deep inside her with every firm stroke. He was moving faster now, pounding into her, losing himself in her. She understood that need, the need to forget everything except for her and the pleasure that he took from her body and gave her in return.

Even though he knew that Kaylee's intention in seducing him had been to take care of him, to make him forget, Simon found that he couldn't be selfish, couldn't spill himself in her without first bringing her to her fall. With this in mind, he reached down between their bodies and sought out her clit, pinching and twisting it.

"Oh, God..." Kaylee moaned. Just as she opened her mouth to say his name again, one last deep, hard thrust did her in. Her release left her gasping for air, clinging to Simon as if to anchor herself as the absolute, perfect ecstasy overwhelmed her. She barely felt him collapse onto her, only vaguely heard him saying her name, then grunting softly. Just as she began to recover, she felt the wet heat of his climax bursting deep within her core, filling her.

Simon shook on top of Kaylee, his arms tightening around her to anchor himself. God, she was amazing. She anticipated and fulfilled his every need with such enthusiasm, never left him wanting. And judging from the way she was writhing and gasping beneath him, he had left her equally sated.

"Feel better?" Kaylee asked, smiling up at him with a look of lazy contentment in her eyes.

"Much." Simon replied between soft kisses to her lips, her cheeks. "You really are very skilled at helping me relax, Kaylee."

"Good." Kaylee sighed. She ran her hands up and down his back gently, barely ghosting her fingers and palms over his skin. His spine arched against her touch, causing her to whimper quietly as his softened length moved within her.

Settling over her, Simon pressed his lips to hers again, sliding one hand down between their bodies. He pulled back just enough to see Kaylee's face as his fingertips delved into her wet folds, carefully stroking around the place where they were joined before moving up to her clit.

Kaylee gasped at the added stimulation, biting her lip to keep from crying out. The look in Simon's eyes was intense, focused. Before they had finally come together, she had often imagined what it be like if he turned all of his dedication and attention to detail on her body, and some of her fantasies had been quite vivid. But not even a fraction of the real thing.

Still tight and sensitive and pliant from her orgasm, her body molded to his perfectly as he shifted on top of her, carefully to avoid breaking their connection, and bent his head to her warm, soft breasts, damp with sweat and rising and falling heavily as she rocked under him. He cupped one full breast in his free hand, lightly rolling the pert nipple between his fingers, then took the other in his mouth, stroking it with his tongue and suckling firmly.

"Simon!" Kaylee mewled, tangling her fingers in his hair, holding him against her breast. The wet warmth of his mouth and the gentle, insistent pressure of his fingers on her clit combined with the feel of his cock still rubbing inside her was so good, too good. She moaned continously to urge him on, saying his name over and over.

Every time she moaned, Simon rubbed her more firmly, sucked her nipple deeper into his mouth, wanting to hear the sound again. Her vocal responses pushed thoughts of guilt and confusion out of his mind, exorcising his fears from him. Every time she fell silent, the darkness started to creep over him again, and he redoubled his efforts, drawing more cries and gasps from deep within her.

Kaylee started letting out quick, breathy moans, her arms locked around Simon's shoulders and her head thrown back. She sobbed with pleasure as tremors of release wracked and shook her overstimulated body. Through the haze of her intense climax, she felt a stirring in her core, and heard Simon groaning as his body responded to her spasms, hardening deep inside her. Her hips instinctively pushed up, drawing him in further.

Simon gritted his teeth, fighting the urge to pound into her. "Kaylee?" He panted. He wanted to make love to her again, but he wanted to make sure that she wasn't too tired or sore. He stroked her wet folds, parted and stretched tightly around his cock, watching her reaction carefully.

"Whatever you want." Kaylee replied in a low, sultry whisper, gently squeezing his thick shaft with her strong muscles. He groaned and started moving immediately, pulling out so that just the tip was in her, stimulating the highly delicate nerve endings just inside her tight opening, before plunging back in forcefully, stretching the slick, hot walls of her passage.

Digging her nails into his shoulders, Kaylee found she could only hold on and spread her legs widely, offering her body to him eagerly, taking his hard, fast thrusts, murmuring sweetly in his ear when he pressed against her, kissing her face and throat. Even as he took her almost savagely, she felt a sense of peace and safety in his arms. He would never hurt her, or allow her to be hurt without putting up a fight.

"Like that, Simon..." She encouraged him, tightening her legs around him and shifting her hips so his pelvic bone rubbed her clit every time he slammed back into her. "Ooh, yes, right there..."

"God, I love you." Simon grunted against her throat. The muscles in his back bunched and strained under her hands as he raised himself up over her, supporting his weight on his hands, watching the pleasure of their union flit across her flushed face. She was so beautiful like this, panting for more, letting out wanton, rapturous moans every time he entered her again.

"Love you." Kaylee sighed. "I love you so much." She was so wet, full of his come and her own juices, that his cock slid in and out of her easily even as her core began tightening more with each stroke.

Their bodies melded, tangling around each other, as they moved in a perfect, passionate rhythm, straining to reach a peak that was so close it was almost painful. They came almost simultaneously, muffling their cries into each other's mouths.

Their lips parted, gasping for air as they shook with the lingering tremors. Kaylee felt utterly, perfectly spent. Her flushed skin cooled just enough as their mingled sweat pooled on her body, and his semen and her slickness leaked out of her, coating her thighs.

"Kaylee." Simon whispered reverently, cupping her cheek and stroking her skin lightly with his thumb. "My sweet, meili Kaylee."

She sighed happily, squirming against him. "You're so amazing, Simon. You make me feel so good, and so safe."

"I only hope I can always be worthy of your faith." Simon admitted, kissing her forehead. "I hope I can always protect you."

"Simon, don't." Kaylee told him firmly, knowing what he was thinking. "Don't be blaming yourself for something that ain't your fault. You take such good care of me, of everyone on this boat. You're a good man, and I will personally beat the tar outta anyone who tries to tell you otherwise, including that gorram voice in your head."

Simon couldn't help but chuckle as he kissed her again. "I'll try to remember that." He promised. He shifted onto his side, holding Kaylee against him.

They lay there peacefully, wrapped up in each other. Simon held Kaylee to him tightly, her warmth surrounding him. But as Simon fell asleep, a chill started to come over him.

He found himself standing in Penny's bedroom, back on Bayou. The room was dark, except for a faint, unearthly blue glow. Looking around to try and locate the source, he glanced down at his own hands and was startled to see them encased in a thin, bright blue rubber.

Hearing a low moan coming from the bed, he looked, then stepped back, horrified at what he saw there. A young woman with blood trickling out of her nose and mouth. A lovely face looking up at him, frightened and pleading.

Kaylee's face.

He woke with a start, shuddering. He pulled back to look at Kaylee, to see her sleeping peacefully and unharmed. Her eyes fluttered open as he brushed her hair off of her forehead.

"Simon?" She whispered. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing." Simon told her, forcing a gentle smile. "Everything's fine, ai ren. I'm sorry I woke you, go back to sleep."

"Something's wrong." Kaylee said softly. "You know you can't put anything past me. Did you have a nightmare?"

Simon closed his eyes, shivering. "Yes."

"Oh, sweetie." Kaylee sighed, pulling him close. "Want to tell me about it?"

"I can't." Simon told her. He didn't want to frighten or upset her. "It was hideous, you don't need to know the details."

"Okay." Kaylee said, understanding. She wrapped herself around him, stroking his hair, kissing him softly. "It's okay, baobei. It was just a dream. We're okay."

He lay in her arms, listening to her soft, steady hearbeat, gently kissing her neck and shoulders. Touching her warm skin, caressing her, he tried to erase the dream from his memory.

"Think you can get back to sleep?" Kaylee asked after a few minutes.

"I'm not sure." Simon admitted.

"Hmm." Kaylee said. "Me neither. Wonder what we can do about that?"

Simon groaned softly as she squirmed on top of him. "I'm sure we can think of something." He cupped her face in his hands and guided her lips to his, pouring all of his emotions into the kiss.

Kaylee pulled back and rose up over Simon, straddling him, lightly running her fingertips down his chest. "Whatever it was, honey, it was just a dream. Wasn't real." She stretched out on top of him, pressing her body against his, kissing him.

"I know." Simon promised her. He stroked her back, keeping his eyes open to watch hers flutter as she sighed and arched into his touch. As horrifying as the dream had been, he was already finding it easier to remind himself that that was all it had been. What was real was his sweet Kaylee, writhing on top of him, nuzzling his chest and throat, rubbing her smooth, slick folds over his cock.

Kaylee moaned, feeling the tip of his shaft rub over her clit and down to her opening. She was more than ready, and so was he. Leaning down to kiss him again, she dropped her hips, gasping against his mouth as his hardness pierced her.

"God, Kaylee..." Simon wrapped his arms tightly around her, holding her to him, shifting his hips under hers. She was so incredible, in a way he almost couldn't believe was real sometimes. Without any sort of effort on his part, every part of his mind, every fiber of his being, was focused completely on her.

"I'm here, Simon." Kaylee whispered, running her tongue along his collarbone. She rocked back and forth on him, moaning as his cock moved inside her, hitting every sensitive spot. "Ahh, that's so good." She sighed, lifting up and easing back down, gradually increasing her pace.

Simon loved being with Kaylee like this, watching her move over him. She was so graceful, even as she started to lose her rhythm, until she was just riding him almost mindlessly, her hands cupping her breasts and her head thrown back as she moaned and panted, gasping his name. He reached up and pulled her hands away, gently tugging her down so he could replace her fingers with his mouth and his own hands, stroking and suckling with just enough pressure to make her cry out.

"Mmm...oh, Simon." Kaylee mewled. She could feel her release building deep inside her, every muscle in her body tightening with every thrust. She reached down and rubbed her clit, letting her fingers brush the base of his cock, urging him on as well.

Her whole body froze above him for a split second before she collapsed in a boneless heap on his chest, moaning breathlessly and shaking as she came. She whimpered softly as Simon followed her seconds later, groaning as she pulsed around him, milking his release from his body.

Panting, Kaylee rolled off of Simon and snuggled up against him, laying her head on his chest. "That was so good, baobei." She whispered.

Simon tightened his arms around her and kissed the top of her head. "We're good together, Kaylee."

"Think you can sleep now?" Kaylee asked, yawning herself as her eyes drooped.

"Mmm..." Simon buried his face in her soft hair and pulled her a little closer, tangling their legs together so he could feel every inch of her body pressed against him. "Definitely."

Kaylee smiled against his chest and closed her eyes, letting the warmth of his body and the soft, steady rhythm of his heartbeat lull her to sleep.

With the dream sucessfully pushed far out of his mind, Simon slept soundly and woke up feeling a sense of peace that he knew could only have come from being so close to Kaylee. It was early enough that the ship was still quiet. He slipped out of Kaylee's embrace carefully, unwilling to disturb her when she looked so sweet, an expression of contentment on her lovely face as she slept.

He dressed quietly, resisting the urge to wake her with a kiss, knowing that she had to be exhausted after the way she had tended to him the night before. He closed the door screen as softly as possible and made his way down the corridor to check on his patient.

She was exactly as he'd left her the night before, not that he had expected anything else. He could live with her condition not improving over the next few day or so, as long as it didn't worsen. The red and purple stains under the skin on her neck and chest had started to fade to blue, which he took as a good sign.

"How's she doin'?" Jayne asked from the doorway, startling the doctor.

"Pretty much the same." Simon replied. "Was there something you needed?"

"Nah, I been up for a while." Jayne said. "Couldn't sleep. Had too much on my mind."

Simon considered that for a moment. "You know, there's a number of jokes I could make right now, but I actually think you're being serious."

"Just ain't right." Jayne muttered, looking at Penny. He was silent for a moment. "Anyway, something I can't figure out. How's a guy who supported Unification end up with a girl whose parents died fightin' against it?"

"Politics never figured into our relationship." Simon replied. "We just had a connection."

"So, the sex was good, huh?" Jayne asked, smirking.

Simon shook his head. "I'm not going to dignify that with a response."

"And I'm gonna take that as a 'yes.'" Jayne said.

"Well now, looks like you two finally found a way to communicate." Kaylee giggled, coming into the infirmary just in time to hear that exchange. She gave Simon a kiss on the cheek. "How's the patient?"

"No better, but no worse, either." Simon replied.

"And how's the doctor?" Kaylee asked, wrapping her arms around his neck and leaning up.

"Much better." Simon chuckled before kissing her.

"Hey, not in front of the girl." Jayne protested. "Ain't she been through enough?"

Kaylee sighed. "Good morning, Jayne."

"Yeah, same to you." Jayne replied.

"No, Jayne, 'good morning.'" Kaylee said again, tilting her head towards the door.

"Right, I'm going." Jayne groaned, rolling his eyes. "Just cover the poor girl's eyes or something, will ya?"

As soon as he was gone, Kaylee pressed herself against Simon, pouting when he pulled back.

"We have an audience." He explained.

Kaylee rolled her eyes. "She ain't gonna squawk if we steal a few kisses now, is she?"

"No, but she might." Simon replied, pointing over Kaylee's shoulder.

"Good morning, River." Kaylee giggled, without turning around. She didn't need to be a reader to know who it was.

"Jayne said you were torturing the patient." River said. "Breakfast is ready. Are you feeling all right this morning, Kaylee?"

"I'm shiny. How are you, sweetie?" Kaylee asked.

"Got to get back upstairs." River replied. "Buns are in the oven." She giggled as she ran off.

"Huh." Kaylee said. "Wonder what she meant by that? Breakfast is oatmeal, same as usual."

Simon just shrugged. "You know River. Sometimes she's just off in her own world."

"She seems happy enough there." Kaylee observed.

"She does." Simon agreed, smiling a little.

Kaylee wrapped her arms around him again. "You seem happy, too."

"No." Simon whispered against her lips. "'Happy' doesn't even begin to cover it."

"I know what you mean." Kaylee giggled between soft kisses.

"Hey!" Mal's voice startled the couple. He stood in the doorway, gesturing to Penny. "Show a little respect."

"Everybody's making a fuss." Kaylee pouted. After Mal was gone, she lay her head on Simon's shoulder, sighing. "Know what I figured out?"

"What?" Simon asked, absently stroking her hair.

"Why I ain't all that upset about the wedding." Kaylee replied, pulling back to smile at him. "I already feel like I'm your wife, if that makes any kind of sense."

"It does." Simon said. "I feel the same way. Still, I want to make it official, in front of your family and our friends."

"Our family." Kaylee corrected him. "Come on, let's get up to breakfast before anyone else comes by to hassle us."


River's odd comment was forgotten over breakfast, where the young reader chatted happily with Mal about the progress they were making and how soon they would reach Persephone.

Despite what Kaylee has said before, she had to admit to herself that she was definitely eager for this to be over, for it to be safe for them to go to Harvest. She was so excited about walking down the aisle. She could hardly wait to introduce Simon to her parents and brothers. They were going to love him. Or else, she thought with a smile.

After breakfast, she was about to offer to help Inara with the dishes when Simon wrapped his arm around her waist and pulled her out into the corridor. Before she could react, he was kissing her passionately, stroking her cheek with one hand while the other tangled in her hair.

"What was that for?" She asked breathlessly as they parted.

"I love you." Simon replied, kissing her again. "I need a reason?"

"Simon, I ain't worried, havin' Penny on the ship." Kaylee giggled. "For one thing, she ain't even awake."

"I'm not..." Simon trailed off. He knew he couldn't hide anything from Kaylee. Not that he ever wanted to. "I just don't want you to be uncomfortable."

"That's sweet." Kaylee told him. "But I don't need to be reassured. I know you love me." She pressed closer to him, making him groan softly. "Not that I mind you remindin' me every now and again."

Simon kissed her again, lightly. "Good, because I have no intention of letting you forget."

"Besides, if anyone should be worried, it's you." Kaylee continued, giving him a mischevious smile. "Once she's awake, me and her are gonna have a lot to talk about."

"That's just evil." Simon protested. He kissed her once more. "I'll be on the bridge, I need to send a wave to the hospital."

"Okay." Kaylee grinned. "I'll be in the engine room if you need me."

"I always need you, Kaylee." Simon said. He squeezed her hand gently before letting her go.

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